Dem Miscalculation

Since the election, many have voiced their perspectives on what led to the surprising results. One of whom is Bernie Sanders, who I believe has a clear view. As he states, Americans are in pain. Millions of workers make less in inflation-adjusted wages than they did 40 years ago. One half of older workers have nothing in the bank as they enter retirement. Young Americans who graduate from college with $100k in debt make $12/hour. The list goes on…

Donald Trump addressed the people’s anger, pain, and frustration. He did it directly, in an emotional way, amplified through social media. On the other hand, Hillary focused on social justice and equality issues, which for the record are important. However, how can one care about another’s needs if she does not feel her own are being addressed? As Maslow’s hierarchy indicates, one’s basic needs must be met before higher order needs, such as those of the collective, can be realized. Hillary’s campaign did not see that its messaging missed this tenet of human psychology.


Yes, there is irony in a Billionaire relating to the common man or woman, but between the two, Trump did the better job resonating, and that’s why he won the election.