Finite vs. Infinite Games

In game theory, there are two types of games, finite and infinite.

Finite Games Infinite Games
Players Known Known and Unknown
Rules Fixed Changeable
Objective Agreed upon Perpetuate the Game
Example Baseball Cold War

When you pit a finite player vs. a finite player, the system is stable.

When you pit an infinite player vs. an infinite player, the system is stable.

In an infinite game, there are no winners and losers. Because there are no winners or losers, the only thing a player can do is drop out, when he or she no longer has resources or the will to play.

Problems arise when you pit a finite player vs. an infinite player. The finite player gets caught in quagmire.

This happens in business all the time.

The game of business is an infinite game. The concept of business has lasted longer than every single business that exists right now.

The funny thing about business is the number of companies that are playing finite games. They are playing to win, to be the best, to beat the quarter, or the year. And they are always frustrated by that company that has an amazing vision. Over the long term, the infinite player will always win…

This is what happened to the United States in Vietnam.

Learn more by listening to the Simon Sinek video below….

Python Tutorial – Getting Started

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Getting Started

Congratulations, and welcome to Stock Technical Analysis in Python!

You have taken your first step towards making smarter, more disciplined trading decisions.

Before diving in, let’s make sure you have everything you may need.

Anaconda 4.4.0

We recommend downloading Anaconda 4.4.0, with Python 2.7.


Pandas, Numpy, and MatPlotLib

Anaconda comes pre-loaded with the three modules you will use throughout the course.





You will backtest your strategy using the Quantopian platform.-


StockCharts, Investopedia, and Google Finance

StockCharts, Investopedia, and Google Finance are great resources for financial knowledge.




Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a great resource for coding questions.-


You are now ready to dive in!

Recommended Reading: Everybody Lies

Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are


In Everybody Lies, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz illustrates that people hide their embarrassing thoughts from other people but not from the internet, which provides anonymity. Websites like Google function as a digital truth serum. Data allow us to see what people really want and really do, not what they say they want and say they do.

In other words, people can claim they’re furious, they can decry something as distasteful and yet they will still click.


Capitalism 2.0 Will Include a Healthy Dose of Socialism | Eric Weinstein



‘We never saw that capitalism may be defeated by its own child, Technology’

‘Markets only really work when the value of something and the price of that good or service coincide’

‘What causes value and price to get out of alignment?’

‘Technology figures out the small size of market failures and make it rather large’

‘Musicians went from producing a private good, where price and value coincided, to in fact producing a public good’

‘The idea of taxing people to pay for a standing army and their steady diet of jazz and rock and roll probably didn’t make a lot of sense’

‘The portion of the pie that is private goods is likely to shrink’

‘Traditionally, technology has moved us from low value occupations to higher value occupations’

‘Almost all code can be broken into two kinds: code that runs once and never repeats, and code that loops over and over and over’

‘Unfortunately, what most jobs are, are some version of a loop’

‘Our technical training for occupations moves the entire population into the crosshairs of software’

‘All repetitive behaviors are in the crosshairs of software’

‘We still have the Rube Goldberg section of codes, where something happens once, never to be repeated’

‘A poem will be composed that will never need to be recomposed’

‘Most people do not see themselves as capable of doing these one off acts of inspiration, that will probably always be fairly highly rewarded’

‘They see themselves as needing a repetitive behavior on which they can build their families, hopes, and dreams’

‘That era may have changed’

‘So many souls will require respect, hope, freedom, and choice who may not be able to defend themselves in the market as our software and machines continue to get better and better’

‘This is reason why something like universal basic income comes out of a place as fiercely capitalistic as Silicon Valley’

‘These are the folks who are closest to seeing the destruction that their work may visit upon the population’

‘Technology is forcing those who are more familiar with it to become the most compassionate’

‘I’m rather confused about whether to be optimistic or pessimistic’

‘Our government is populated by people who come from softer disciplines, whether that is law or poli sci’

‘Very few people in government come from a hardcore technical background’

‘There are very few senators who can solve a partial differential equation or program a computer’

‘This is a terrible inversion of what should be happening’

‘The technical professions were turned into support roles for this leadership class’

‘During the 1950s there was a tremendous vogue for thinking of a technical intellectual elite who could in fact lead us to a more hopeful, technological, scientific tomorrow’

‘Somewhere along the line, that got lost’

‘We have the technical talent to build an optimistic future’

‘For whatever reason, we are so terrified now of those technical folks, that we keep attempting to subordinate them’

‘If you look at a society like China’s, China is certainly not falling for this trap–they are proceeding along a very different path’

‘Whether or not we understand where we are and make the correct decisions for an optimistic future, depends as to whether we have the right leadership class’

‘Do we realize that the technical people should have been making the decisions all along’