’20-something bro-grammers trying to crack our attention spans?’

The New York Times with commentary on our cultural  adaptation to the information economy.

Memorable Quotes

“Honestly, have we abdicated our purpose just because of these insistent micro asks? Have we just completely ceded our center, completely ceded clarity, and it was all just based on 20-something bro-grammers trying to crack our attention spans?”

“What the world today faces ‘wicked problems,’ unprecedented and complex, that require creative solutions, the kinds that are most likely to come not from staid meetings in conference rooms but rather from “non-ordinary states.”

“All of these undertakings were in the service of honing a crucial element in flow, what Mr. Wheal refers to as ’embodied cognition’: integrating our whole minds and bodies through specific exercise, based on the science showing that physical movement directly affects how we think and feel.”

“They are tapping into spiritual intelligence that before now was only really talked about in a religious context.”